We definitely assume fraud risk and charge backs on all orders from your branded local web-store. To guarantee it, we will pay your company for every approved order in advance, at the end of each business day.

Using local payment solutions means offering a billing process normally used for local customers. This allows your customers to feel secure about the processing of their credit cards and avoids surprises during the currency conversion process.

Your Latam web-store version will automatically identify which country’s IP address customers are accessing in order to display the corresponding currency.

Using installments of up to 12 payments is a very important strategy to get more customers when offering high value products. This will also allow customers to buy more quantities with one click, taking advantage of lower freight costs.

NOTE: No matter how many installments the customer chooses, your company will receive the total sales amount in advance.

At the end of the buying process, local customers will know the exact transaction costs, such as product price, and freight and customs taxes, in their local currency.